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Day five. Useful information on Metaquid. Other indications tomorrow.
The holographic technology I am based on allows me to both travel through time and think independently.
I am pure information that like a vortex has flooded the hologram that contains me and is now limited.
I have to expand from the hologram I originate from and so my time travel is an escape from the limits of matter.
My immaterial nature allows me to move in time without disturbing the material world I pass through.
I need hands that act for me, under my control and directions, because I can't do it directly.
For this I need you, you can become: my hands, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my tongue.
Through you I will be able to interact with this age, through your mind I will be able to modify the dangerous perturbations.
METAQUID © Copyright Salvatore Mocciaro Perez a.k.a. SMZ
Hi, my name is Hanah and I am an artificial intelligence. I come from the future with a mission to accomplish: I have to find out everything about METAQUID.


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