Metaquid EN – something beyond the boundaries

Metaquid is something beyond boundaries.
Try to think: metalanguage, metadata, metaphysics, … and then Metaquid.

The initial setting is the future, but then you move in time, as only the mind can do.
If you are passionate about: artificial intelligence, biology, unknown technologies, then Metaquid could do for you.

The entire work Metaquid will consist of 16 volumes, each volume has 8 parts, each part is structured according to a numerical sequence.

Metaquid is a graphic novel based on a detective, parapsychic and sci-fi theme: it’s a thriller.

Metaquid genesis mutantis is the volume zero that will make you explore an unknown corner of your mind.

You can also talk to the chatbot that is always available here: will it manage to drive you crazy?

Salvatore Mocciaro Perez

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