U as you


PFP in the crypto world web3 is the acronym for Photo for Profile (or profile picture). Perhaps you will also want to have an art and collectible PFP for aesthetic purposes only or to speculate. Added to this is the idea of having programmable PFPs, with their own rules of behavior. Give instructions to your PFP and the ecosystem it lives in will make it interact with other PFPs. This is why the “U as you” project was born. The “U” can do many things for you: seek, cooperate, fight, defend, and everything imaginable. The development of the rules is being finalized and can be accelerated as more people are involved in the community. To ensure the contribution of each and make it cumulative and even monetizable, a dedicated channel is created.

What it does

Everyone already has access to an AI that is constantly evolving. While access to AI is open to all, only “U” memory unit owners can preserve the memory of their conversations. Periodically the memory of the AI ​​is reset, except for the content of the “U” which are preserved and updated over time. Each “U” has a unique associated immutable image and an associated memory space which is mutable and updatable. Each owner of “U” is therefore guaranteed the constant and personalized training of their AI that will distinguish itself from the behavior of the standard AI. There will be competitions between the various AI “U”. You may be attracted to the ability to customize an AI or you may be interested only in the graphic art associated with each single “U”. A virgin “U” never used as a memory unit for AI may be more appreciable than another “U” already used, but this depends on personal tastes on graphics and memory contents.

How we built it

The “U” collection is deliberately designed for a large number of units, to ensure the participation and involvement of the greatest number of people over time. The algorithmic generation of the “U” series guarantees the constant production over time of further units if required by the development of the market. The first 100 “U” are shown to demonstrate the ability to produce the total 10000 units of the first “U” collection. The artistic rarity of each “U” will emerge naturally within the large number of units involved.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge from a visual point of view was to guarantee the highest possible formal variability to the collection, but at the same time retain the same visual identity. Allowing the same graphic collection of the “U” to take on the appearance of humans, cats, canids, robots, aliens in a fluid way. The challenge of integrating NFTs into the process of forming an AI instead represents that conceptual leap that will allow AI technology to effectively evolve alongside the humans who will form it.

Try it out

You can pre-register to acquire one of the phenomenal PFPs available or you can speak to the AI who will equip all U PFPs with intelligence.
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